§ 1

The following document, hereafter referred to as the “Regulations”, is to regulate the use of Polanik online shop. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. If there is no other fixed date, the updates take effect when posted on the website. "Regulations" changes, do not apply to the orders confirmed before the update.

§ 2


  1. The Regulations define rules of the online shop, hereafter referred to as “Shop”.
  2. Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K. based in Piotrkow Tryb. 97-300, Zyczliwa 11 street, is an order contractor, hereafter referred to as “Seller”.
  3. The “User” constitutes each entity registered in the Shop.
  4. The “Client” constitutes each registered entity, ordering by Shop.
  5. The “Price” all prices listed in the store are net prices, EXW Piotrkow Tryb.
  6. The shop includes prices marked 0,01 € and the stipulation - "price on request". Those prices do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. After filling the Contact Form Client receives the proforma invoice with the product price.

§ 3

Registration in Shop

  1. Before the registration in Shop everyone should read Regulations.
  2. The User registration form will be accepted provided that all required information is entered.
  3. Personal data and other information related to the registration in Shop will not be shared with other commercial entities. Each registered entity has the right to inspect personal data entrusted to Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K. and may correct it.

§ 4

Orders/Delivery time

  1. All private entities, which do not run a business activity, may ONLY purchase from our foreign distributors.
  2. The Client can order all the products from Shop offered by Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K . The order will be accepted provided that the order form is completed.
  3. The footwear offer available worldwide except for Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Thailand.
  4. The order is accepted when Seller sends to Purchaser the proforma invoice.
  5. After submitting the order, User receives :
    • a link to an order confirmation
    • the confirmation is included in the proforma invoice, which contains all the details concerning the order completion: prices on request, delivery time, conditions and eventual transport cost.
  6. The order execution is from 1 to 4 weeks plus delivery time. In any special case that delivery time is extended Purchaser is immediately informed by e-mail. The delivery time is extended in case of wire transfer.

§ 5

Payment and delivery

  1. There are following payment options available: 
    a) prepayment- wire transfer on the bank account indicated in the proforma invoice, when the payment is received, the goods are shipped to the customer; 
    b) COD - cash on delivery paid at the post office or to the courier;
    c) customer pick up – cash payment directly to Seller in headquarters;
  2. In case of non-payment for ordered goods in form and date indicated in the order confirmation, Seller will stop the shipment and warehouse release. Seller sends the e-mail reminding about payment necessity and that the shipment is ready. If Purchaser does not pay or does not confirm other date within 7 business days from sending the reminder, the Seller cancels the order, unless there was signed other agreement.
  3. The delivery of the goods is done through the forwarding company. Seller do not take the responsibility for delays and damages of delivered goods.
  4. The delivery cost depends on the size and weight of items, calculated by the forwarder each time indicated in the proforma invoice.
  5. There is a possibility of customer pick up by Purchaser at the headquarters. In this case, there is no transport cost included, but only cash payment in euros.

§ 6


  1. Purchaser is obligated to unpack and to report to the courier all the non-conformities with the order and quantitative complaints and to write an appropriate protocol.
  2. Product defects discovered during the operation require notification in accordance with the General Warranty Conditions.
  3. Complaints should be reported to the following address: sklep@polanik.com
  4. The producer reserves the right to introduce without warning changes in product constructions and colours.
  5. The product images published in the internet shop may differ from the actual product appearances.
  6. Matters not provided in these regulations to be regulated by the Civil Code.

§ 7

Product return policy

  1. The way and the terms of withdrawing from the contract, the rights and the liabilities connected with the withdrawal are stated in Appendix no. 1 which is the integral part of the  POLANIK ONLINE SHOP TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  2. Consumer informs Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K. that he/she withdraws from the contract before the term for withdrawing from the contract expires. Consumer sends his/her clear statement in which he/she expresses his/her will to withdraw from the contract by email, fax or post.
  3. Credit card payment is returned on the credit card with which Consumer has paid for the product.


Appendix no. 1


Right to withdraw from the contract

  1. Consumer can withdraw from the contract within 14 days without stating the reason for that.
  2. The term to withdraw from the contract expires after 14 days from the day on which he/she has come into the possession of the product, or third person (other than a freight forwarder) appointed by Consumer has come into the possession of the product.
  3. In order to exercise his/her right to withdraw from the contract Consumer has to inform Polanik Sp. z o. o.- Sp. K.  seated at Zyczliwa 11, 97-300 Piotrkow Tryb. Poland that he/she withdraws from the contract by sending his/her clear statement by email, fax or post.
  4. To comply with the term for withdrawing from the contract Consumer has to dispatch the information concerning the withdrawing from the contract within the term.


Consequences of exercising the right of withdrawal

  1. In case of withdrawal Polanik Sp. z o. o. –Sp. K. shall refund the total price of the product as soon as possible. The total sum paid by the consumer includes the purchase price and the cost of the original delivery to the consumer (except from additional costs connected with the way of delivery chosen by consumer, which is different than the most economical standard way of delivery of the products offered by Polanik Sp. z o. o. –Sp. K.).
  2. Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K. shall refund the payment when the product is delivered to or the proof of dispatch is delivered to Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K. depending which happens earlier.
  3. Consumer is obliged to return the product to: Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K., Życzliwa 11, 97-300 Piotrków Tryb. Poland, as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the day on which consumer sent the information about the withdrawal.
  4. Consumer returns the product on his/her own expense to Polanik Sp. z o. o. – Sp. K.
  5. The product which is retuned must be intact, that means in the condition in which it has been delivered to consumer, without signs of having been used and in an original packaging.


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